So much progress, almost time to paint!

Last week the insulation was finished!

In just the last two weeks we went from bare bones to walls and a ceiling. Today is the inspection for the drywall, and then we’re on to mud, texture, and painting, oh my!

We have a ceiling! AND WALLS!

Here are the colors I’m thinking about for the inside and outside of the school. Let me know which ones you like best. The blues are for the exterior, the creams for the classroom.

What do you think?

After our beach vacation in oregon, I’m feeling a sort of beachy vibe for the classroom. Here was my inspiration (keep in mind the school has a stone exterior, and only the eaves will be painted, but we do have some rad cedar posts that will pop with the blues I’m thinking about. I found this image that really inspired me.

Thanks for celebrating progress with us, this finally feels like it’s moving.

<3 Breana