Our Philosophy

Anti-Bias Education

We are committed to fostering an anti-bias community at Growing Curiosity.  We do this by talking about similarities and differences, and by sharing about ourselves and setting personal boundaries. Books, art, music, are excellent tools for exploring anti-bias concepts. Our message to children is that it’s alright to be curious about the things that are different, but it is also important to respect each other’s boundaries. 

Montessori Philosophy

We follow the Montessori teaching method. Our goal is to provide a rich learning environment that supports children in gaining autonomy and independence. We allow freedom of movement within the environment, and children are able to choose their work freely, within the boundaries of works on which they’ve been given a lesson. This freedom of choice represents a trust that the child will demonstrate their needs so the guide may better help them find the appropriate work within the environment. 

Discipline Philosophy

We proactively recognize pro-social behaviors, helping children realize when they are behaving in appropriate ways. When children struggle, employees may help a child or children to calm themselves through practicing breathing exercises or using sensory equipment, and then ask them to show the appropriate behavior or check on a friend. Practicing proactive solutions such as making reparations and self-calming techniques give the child more options for the next time they encounter a difficulty. Over time, children learn to manage their emotions through modeling and practice.