Travel Play

Originally Posted May 2015.

Hi All!

Last week our family returned from a week-long camping trip. Yay, outdoors! Oh, except that it was in the 40’s and 50’s and rained almost the whole time! Good thing I remembered to bring a variety of playthings for O.

One small box.

I was determined to pack as lightly as possible, and so I allotted one small box to toys, playthings, and books.  As I was filling this box, I realized that I was using the same principles I use to design his home play space to pack a week’s worth of entertainment.  Granted, we were to be camping, and that is its own entertainment, but I thought, “it’s nice for kids to have some things that feel like home when they’re away”.  I did not think of days of rain, however (as it wasn’t in the forecast).

Oscar is 26 months now, and learning new things every day.  Some of the things I chose are things he uses all the time and some are fairly new. I chose some things he’s mastered, some he is exploring, and some that are novice, and probably a little beyond where he is right now on his own. I also took into consideration a variety of skills.  

Here’s my picture and list:

– 1 small playsilk with 3 aquatic animals (imaginative play)

– pail, shovel, and turtle sand mold, and we couldn’t leave his watering can (seriously, he would have missed it!)

– A few books he hadn’t seen in awhile, including a good night book

– Crayons and a coloring book (fine motor, color concepts)

– Magnetic building blocks (new to him)

– His favorite tractor (gross motor, pretend play)

– Threading block (fine motor)

He needed some support with the magnetic building block play, but really enjoyed a new type of block.  He played with all the toys, and even had some pretty sustained pretend play, but I wish I had packed a clipboard for art!  We had lots of fun counting the numbered campsites as we walked around exploring.  I was counting on the sandy beach and water at the campsite for plenty of sensory play, but BRRR!!  We did get to play with pine needles, pine cones, miscellaneous leaves, tree bark, bugs, etc. Also HOT Fountains and Springs

(one of his first words when he was a baby)

Exploring on our one warm day.

Happy Traveling!