Safety First!

One of the things I’ve thought about during this renovation process is how safe everything in our school is now. New siding, bamboo and tile flooring, new water lines and all the electric updated. It’s gorgeous. I cannot wait to share it once the final touches are added. Everything new, safe, beautiful.

A few weeks ago we noticed something decidedly unsafe in the backyard, though! Up in one of our play-yard trees was a beehive. They moved into a little house Rhie’s father in law made for an adolescent screech owl she found hurt. When he was rehabilitated we hoped the owl would nest in the beautiful box.


So today we said goodbye to our bee friends and hello to a safer playground! There will always be bees outside, and children benefit by watching them and learning how to behave safely around them.

Huge thanks to Lydia Vnsk, DBA, from Honey Ranch in Bastrop! We are grateful for your hard work! Thankfully the bees were European and so they’ll go to Honey Ranch to make honey for folks who enjoy it!

Looking forward to welcoming all of you coming and seeing our beautiful playground!

Breana & Erin