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School Renovation Progress in June

The New Roof!

Things are really coming along at the school. If you’re new to our blog, we undertook massive renovations after buying the property for the school and converting it to a commercial property. The plumbing and electric are finished, and the roof is finished! There are so many sinks in our commercial kitchen we had to build up a whole new wall to house all the vent lines!

Sink vents.

Right now we’re waiting for the plumbers to move a water line so that the HVAC can pass the access to the attic, then for the grease trap to go in so that we can have our awesome commercial kitchen. In the meantime, the folks at Revent Remodeling and Construction have completed framing the walls and are building our kitchen vent hood.

Vent Hood Installation

Now it’s time I start shopping for flooring and tiles, it’s nice to be imagining how things will look when they’re finished!

Tiles! We’re going with white on the bathroom walls with either teal or dark purple accents.
Bamboo beachy flooring with aquaguard for all those Practical Life Spills.

So now the building is starting to feel like home, and my heart is beginning to move in!

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