“Breana is an amazing Montessori teacher, with a true passion for providing each and every child with a supportive learning environment.  She has a deep appreciation for the unique talents each child has, and knows how to make every one of them feel special and supported.  Breana taught my daughter for three years in the Montessori environment, and she helped my child’s skills blossom.   From conversations about bodies to planets to nature, and through work that covered the educational basics, Breana helped to ensure that the social-emotional foundation enveloped the classroom, and she was a key reason why my daughter thrived in school.  I’m sad to see here leave our school, but so excited to see her create her own school where she will continue to help children discover how far their potential can take them.  Breana’s philosophy truly embodies the best that Montessori has to offer: a place where children thrive through the guidance of those around them.”

-Will Francis


“I met Breana at Highland Montessori School when she was interning there and finishing her studies to become a fully certified Montessori Teacher. I will always remember Breana as being one of the most dedicated teachers I ever met. She is caring, centered, knowledgable, and devoted to the Montessori method. My daughter felt at ease with Breana and, for me, it was extremely comforting to know my she was in great hands.  

Through the years I’ve known Breana, I saw her dedication to advance in her career as a Montessori Teacher and to create a relationship with every child based on respect and trust.  She recognizes the differences in every child and knows their strengths and struggles. She’s capable of using a personalized approach when it comes to the their social, emotional, and academic development.  Breana is always committed to provide feedback about my daughter’s development, areas to improve, and how to help her thrive in and out of school. Her insights and observations are always meaningful and thorough. 

My family values the relationship we built with Breana immensely and we think we’re so lucky our daughter was under her guidance during her first school years.”
– Graziela J.


“Breana has been teaching our children at their school for the past three years, and they adore her. Her passion for their lessons is infectious, and they repeatedly ask her to teach them. Breana’s knowledge of Montessori and children’s development is wide ranging, showing both in her ability to meet our children where they are, but also in her ability to communicate their strengths, challenges, and educational progress to us. Breana also has a special understanding of our children’s behavior and the real communication that is inherent within it. She never takes any child’s feelings for granted or brushes them off. Our children feel a deep sense of trust around Breana as a result of her real attention to their needs. It was important to us to place our children in a school that would help guide them both through the emotions that come with new friendships and their first experiences of hard work. We know that Breana cares immensely about our children’s development into amazing people, and she has been a positive and consistent support for them as they grow up.” 

-Justin P.


“Breana has amazing conflict resolution skills! She very confidently let’s the kids know they are safe and that she is going to help them problem solve in a way all will understand. Her broad and in depth knowledge base takes her excellent teaching skills to the next level. My child loves her and knows Breana genuinely cares for him.”

-Grayson T.


“The universe blessed us with Breana. For two years she was a consistent figure in my daughter’s Montessori pre-school education. Using patience, passion, and observation, she developed a clear understanding of my daughter. She made sure the learning environment was fun and she encouraged my daughter’s curiosity, which in turn engaged and inspired my daughter. Breana was instrumental in honing my daughter social emotional skills. She modeled compassion and kindness, and helped teach my daughter to use the same on herself and others. Breana listened to my daughter and I, and used a clear and straightforward communication style with both of us. Her guidance was free of judgement and tailored to our family’s parenting philosophy and style. We miss her already!”

-Laura A.


“It has been such a pleasure to watch Breana guide my two daughters over these last three years. She has brought such wisdom into our lives and she always treats both of my girls with an incredible amount of respect and love. Breana is a gifted teacher who manages an artful balance between challenging students to reach their fullest potential while nurturing them in their need for comfort and support. We have all learned from her during our time together.”

-Ann Marie H.