Add-on Music Lessons with the multitalented Ms. Erin Thompson, Spanish lessons with Ms. Apple Gonzalez, or lessons in any academic area! What’s in the Box? An age-appropriate puzzle, a pattern block kit, at least three art activities, a set of rhthym sticks and solfege cards (for music lessons), and several […]

Growing Curiosity Personalized At-Home Curriculum

“So, from the age of three till six, being able to now to tackle his environment deliberately and consciously, he begins a period of real constructiveness.” Maria Montessori, p.152, The Absorbent Mind – 1967 When visitors observe in a Montessori classroom, they see children enter the classroom and the practical […]

Practical Life in the Montessori Environment – An Introduction

Some of the most wonderful and unique Montessori materials can be found in the Sensorial area. “The senses, being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge….the number of different objects in the world is infinite, while the qualities they possess are limited. These qualities are therefore like the […]

The Sensorial Experience in the Montessori Classroom