Scholarship program

Currently we are expecting to have more than $20,000 a year in available scholarships to be divided between tuition and our food program.  It is important to us that we keep the children we enroll for the full three-year Montessori cycle, and so we will be awarding scholarships that are designed to sustain each child for the entirety of their time with us.

Our goal is to eventually garner a large enough scholarship fund that half of our students are on some form of scholarship at any time. For that to happen, we will need to gain support from parents and from the community.

To make equitable scholarship decisions, we will be utilizing the TADS organization, which assesses need based on income and is accessible to all families. Growing Curiosity is happy to extend the TADS application fee ($39) to families who would otherwise be unable to apply, after a meeting to ensure the families have the information they need about available funds.