Frequently Asked Questions

Why just three days a week? 

Since we are finishing the construction on our permanent school home, there’s a lot to do outside of the school day.  By offering a three day program, we ensure that our future home gets done right!


Will Growing Curiosity be full-time in the future?

Yes, our plan is to offer an 8 am to 6:30 pm program, Monday through Friday, starting Fall 2019.


How many children will you have in the classroom?

While we are in our home at 7513 Meadowview, we will stick to 6 children, so that there is plenty of room for movement, once the school opens, we will cap our classroom size at 18 children for the 2019-2020 school year, and 22 maximum in the future year.


What will your teacher:student ratio be?

The first semester our ratio will be quite low, 1:3, because of starting in our house, but eventually we will have 1:9 or 1:10 ratio. The Montessori method instills a lot of independence in children, so too much adult presence can actually interfere with children’s independence and concentration.  That said, we value having the resources to develop close relationships with each child.


When will you move to 9000 Georgian Drive?

Right now we are on track to move over the winter holidays, but we will keep families updated on the progress.


Do you have any pets in the home?

We do have a very child friendly puppy named Millie.  However, she will not be in the same spaces as the children, as we have created a run in our side yard for her in the mornings, and she will hang out in our yard and back house (air conditioned!) while the children are inside the school.

Millie and Oscar