COVID-19 Precautions

Below are the precautions we will be taking to ensure children are as safe as possible during their time at our school.

Drop off – Everything you need for drop-off is at the little table in our side yard. Please sign your child in, take their temperature, and make sure they have both sunscreen and bug spray on before leaving (there are bottles on the table for your use).

During the day – All children will be supported in mask-wearing at all times when inside.  All teachers will wear masks at all times when in the classroom.  

  • Children always wash hands when coming inside, after using the restroom, and before having snack or lunch.
  • Both classroom spaces are equipped with HEPA air filters as an added precaution, and should we need to eat inside (weather in the 20’s or 100’s, thunderstorms), we will crack the windows to further improve air circulation.

– We expect all parents to keep children home if anyone in the household is running a fever, or if the child or family member shows any symptoms.  If your family finds out they might have been exposed to the virus (whether or not they are showing symptoms), please inform us right away. 

– If there is a positive case in our school community, we will shut the school for 5 days (as per Austin Public Health) to make sure that we have done our best to stop the spread. If your child will not wear a mask at all times (inside and out) for the following five days, we request you keep them home. If the child does not have symptoms, but another family member does, we will notify all members of our school community (keeping that individual’s anonymity). In the case of a positive COVID case, that child may not return until 10 days after symptoms begin or after the first positive test.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for further safety protocols.