Growing Curiosity Personalized At-Home Curriculum 2

Add-on Music Lessons with the multitalented Ms. Erin Thompson, Spanish lessons with Ms. Apple Gonzalez, or lessons in any academic area!

Our Ocean Box
(for a 4.5 year old)

What’s in the Box?

An age-appropriate puzzle, a pattern block kit, at least three art activities, a set of rhthym sticks and solfege cards (for music lessons), and several each of practical life (work for developing hand coordination and self-reliance), language, math, and science (all with appropriate materials), playdough, and a lot more!

What do I keep and what do I return?

You get to keep all non-laminated paper materials, coloring sheets, art materials, and the playdough, along with one other special item. For example, in our ocean box, you get a blow-up globe to help show our earth’s oceans to your child(ren), and in the Space box you get an astronaut helmet for them to keep. Classroom materials, puzzles, and figurines are returned so that they can be used in the next month’s boxes!

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

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